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Anodized Aluminum Nameplates

    Anodized aluminum nameplates provide exceptional abrasion resistance, as well as excellent resistance to corrosion, chemicals and solvents. 

    Graphics are screen printed and sealed beneath the anodic layer for extra durability. Following the imaging process, edges and holes fabricated in accordance to part design are not anodized. A secondary process may be elected for thicknesses of .063" or greater to anodize, alodine or paint these edges for increased durability and protection.


    Anodized aluminum .020" face stock standard (optional thicknesses .003", .005", .008", .012", .032", .063", .090", .125").


    Matte (non-reflective w/flat finish), Satin (lustrous semi-reflective material), #4 (brushed to resemble a stainless steel finish), Gloss (highly reflective, mirror-like). Note: #4 starts at .032" thickness; Gloss is available in .020" only.


    Permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive and/or holes for mechanical attachment.


    Many fonts and design elements are available, as well as your company logo.


    Color options available. Note: Colors have limited UV resistance. Not recommended for long-term outdoor use.

    Standard Sizes:

    Standard and custom sizes up to 24" x 40".

    More Custom Nameplates available, welcome your contact us or visit our another website: www.etchparts.com

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