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Metal Etching Process

Time:2019-07-24 Views:172
The Metal chemical etching process:

1.A sheet of metal is chemically cleaned to ensure that it is free from potential contaminants
2.The sheet is coated with a film that is resistant to the chemical etchant called ‘photoresist’
3.The pattern to be etched is overlaid on the photoresist covered sheet, which is then exposed to UV light. The area that is not covered by the etched pattern is activated by the UV light and this will prevent the acid etching the material in this area
4.The sheet is put through a development stage where the unexposed photoresist is removed, leaving uncovered areas which will be etched by the acid
5.Developed material goes through the etching process where it is sprayed with the chemical etchant to etch the required pattern into the metal
6.The material is cleaned to remove the remaining photoresist

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