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Siemens and Winstar Visiting

Time:2020-01-08 Views:146
Just after the new year holiday, Siemens and Winstar came to visit our shenzhen factory and Dongguan etching factory on Jan.8, 2020, we talked about the projects that we are working now and try to find out more products that we can work together.
During the visit, our factory facility, management, quality control and professional attitude are highly praised, which is benefit from the experience working with big companies like Huawei, ZTE,Silverbasis etc, our one stop fast service is not built in a day, it is  the reputation we got from the products we produced, the projects we did, the customers or the partners we served in the past.
Higher standard,
Make things perfect,
You will finally win the attention
as well as trust!
This is the result of our company philosophy of quality first, customer priority. 
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